SMOKELESS SMUDGE / Supermoon Equinox edition / 50ml

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SMOKELESS SMUDGE / Supermoon Equinox edition / 50ml
On 20th March 2019 we experienced a Supermoon, which fell on the day of the Spring Equinox; this was the first time in over 3 decades that this has happened!

I prepared these special bottles of Smokeless Smudge the following morning, after cleansing the liquid with selenite, adding salt and herbs and leaving the liquid in the light of the moon overnight with a chunk of clear quartz in its depths. I then added White Sage essential oils the following morning before decanting into 50ml spray bottles.

Smokeless Smudge is a magical elixir to spritz around when you're unable to burn sage. Spray into the room or around your aura for cleansing before meditation or rituals, or to eliminate bad vibes. The distilled water is charged with crystals and herbs, left to infuse under the full moon. 

*This spray is not intended for use on the body, and spraying directly onto furniture or fabrics should be avoided.*

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