QUEEN / rose, patchouli, orange + rose quartz crystal / 240ml

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QUEEN / rose, patchouli, orange + rose quartz crystal / 240ml

Queen is a very special candle that has been created for strong, powerful, insightful women. Sisters, mothers and daughters who are hard working, loving and passionate.

This candle combines feminine rose, sacred earthy patchouli and zesty orange, promoting contentment, comfort and patience, creating purpose and boosting vitality and balancing feminine energy.

At the heart of every Queen candle is a small chunk of rose quartz, a powerful stone that offers emotional healing, teaching you to love yourself and encouraging self forgiveness.

The candle is then finished with a sprinkle of dried rose petals.

Om Candle Co candles are handmade in Leicestershire with sustainable earth grown vegan soy wax + pure natural essential oils.

When candle care instructions are followed correctly, each 240ml candle will burn for approximately 35-50 hours.

Our candles come with minimal packaging; just a simple recycled brown label, with candle care instructions printed on a slip of recycled eco-friendly paper.

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