CREATE / rosemary, bay + grapefruit / 480ml

Om Candle Co

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CREATE / rosemary, bay + grapefruit / 480ml
Your favourite Om Candle Co blend, supersized!

This candle has been made for creatives, writers or anyone in need of a little boost! It is a delicate combination of rosemary, bay and grapefruit, designed to restore and invigorate the user, enhancing inspiration + positivity; ideal for burning in your workplace or studio.

The 480ml version has three wicks, making it perfect for larger spaces.

Om Candle Co candles are handmade in Leicestershire with sustainable earth grown vegan soy wax + pure natural essential oils.

When candle care instructions are followed correctly, each 480ml candle will burn for approximately 70-100 hours.

Our candles come with minimal packaging; just a simple recycled brown label, with candle care instructions printed on a slip of recycled eco-friendly paper.

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