What do the candles smell like?
The important thing to note is that the main purpose of these candles isn't really for home fragrance, but for the therapeutic and spiritual benefits that the oils used offer.

So instead of focussing on what they might smell like, think about what properties you feel you need in your life.

Spend some time reading the benefits each candle offers, and then make your choice.

Do you offer trade orders?
Unfortunately we're no longer offering trade orders, however we may reintroduce these in 2017.

How do I care for my candle?
For best results + to avoid tunnelling, burn for around 2 hours at a time to allow the melted wax to reach the edges of the jar.

In addition, do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours each time, as the excessive heat will cause the essential oils to evaporate too quickly, resulting in scent loss.

Never leave a candle burning unattended or close to a draft, pets, children or flammable objects.

Extinguish flame by replacing the lid to avoid smoking + allow candle to cool completely before handling.

Always keep the wick trimmed to around 6mm and keep free of any foreign objects including matches + wick trimmings.

To prevent damage to the jar or surface below, stop using your candle when there is 1cm inch of wax left at the bottom of the jar.

Why is the surface of my candle bumpy?
Unlike shop-bought candles, each Om Candle Co candle is hand-poured and hand finished, and the wax used is completely natural. Mass produced candles often use synthetic wax that contains additives to achieve a perfect finish every time.


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