Om Candle Co candles are candles with purpose. Their main intention is to be used as practical tools to aid meditation practice, relaxation, focus, balance and spirituality, with the added bonus of smelling pretty good too!

Instead of synthetic fragrance oils, our candles are created with natural essential oils that retain their beneficial properties. Each candle has been developed with a specific function in mind, whether that is to clear the mind in preparation for meditation, inspire a positive mindset, aid relaxation or boost creativity.

Om Candle Co was created in 2015 by designer and illustrator, Leah.

Leah makes every candle by hand in her Leicestershire workshop, using sustainable earth grown vegan soy wax + pure natural essential oils. The wax used is completely natural biodegradable soy wax. It's not tested on animals, contains no animal products, no palm wax, no petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products, no pesticides and no herbicides, no toxic materials and no Genetically Modified Material! It's lovely stuff!

Our traditional candle wicks are made from natural, British made braided cotton, from a company who have been making wicks for 130 years.

The essential oils in our candles are 100% pure and natural, sourced from an ethical, eco friendly UK supplier.

Om Candles come with minimal packaging; just a simple recycled brown label, with candle care instructions printed on a slip of recycled paper. You can then wrap them however you like for gifting.

When posting, we use only eco-friendly, recycled packaging and often reuse packaging from our own supply deliveries.

All of our suppliers are UK based and have been chosen for their compatibility with our ethics.